Galeria Modernista

1st floor // Stand 33

Galeria Modernista

Galeria Modernista, specialist in Brazilian collectible furniture, offers a selection of the most important designers in Brazil: Zanine Caldas, Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin. Unique piece, special order, furniture produced in small series in the most noble tropical wood species, the Brazilian architecture and design of the 50s/70s represent the generosity and functionality of tropical modernism.



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Artists / Artworks

Sergio Rodrigues

for Oca Industrias reunidas

Design 1964, pieces produced in 1966 - Provenance: private collection Rio de Janeiro

Luciana sideboard and S.Augusto light fixture



Jorge Zalszupin

pour L’Atelier S.A

1973, Sao Paulo - Provenance: Residence Rio de janeiro 

Pair of Commander armchairs

Rare Lounge-chair version of the Commander desk chair




Atelier Zanine Caldas

Untitled N°18-22, 2015

1978, Nova viscosa, Bahia - Provenance:  Residence of a carpenter from Zanine

Three stools - Hand carved from a coconut trunk




Zanine Caldas

for MoveisZ

1949, Sao Paulo - Provenance: Private collection

Console - The piece presents the manufacturer's label




Pair of armchairs

Brazilian work from the early 1960s