Galerie Anne Sarah-Bénichou

1st floor // Stand 34

Galerie Anne Sarah-Bénichou

Founded in 2016 in Paris in the famous quarter Le Marais, Anne-Sarah Bénichou gallery represents different generations of artists, French and foreign, emerging and established. The great diversity of the practices and origins of these artists contributes to promote individuals endowed with a singular view of the world, and to establish a dialogue between different periods and various forms of art.

Each exhibition seeks to question the sensitivity of the world, and more particularly the place and the form of contemporary art in our society. In doing so, the gallery asserts itself as an essential place on the Parisian scene, pursuing a single goal: to commit to culture, the arts and artists.



Phone number: +33 (0)1 44 93 91 48 




Artists / Artworks

© Noah Stolz, Courtesy Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou

Marion Baruch

La vitesse des fleurs, 2019

Silk - about 300 x 320 cm



Courtesy Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou

Mireille Blanc

Libellule, 2022

Oil on wood - 35 x 27 cm






Courtesy Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou

Julien Discrit

Aftertouch 1G, 2022

Acrylic on canvas - 46 x 55 cm





© Nicolas Brasseur, Courtesy Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou

Yann Lacroix

Citadelle, 2022

Oil on canvas - 125 x 150 cm




Courtesy Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou

Yann Lacroix

Junk space, 2020

Oil on canvas - 270 x 220 cm