Mia Karlova Galerie

1st floor // Stand 44

Mia Karlova Galerie

Mia Karlova Galerie gives centre stage to functional sculpture, rallying an intriguing roster of international artists whose experimental practices look upon reuse as a conscious act of new existence: sustainability enriched with a deliberate sense of meaning and the desire to provoke new emotions.

Founded in 2020 by interior designer and curator Mia Karlova, the eponymous Mia Karlova Galerie seeks to form a dialogue between works of various genres through a common emotional language.

‘Functional art is not just about shape, material or function. As any other art form, functional art is primarily about emotional connections. We surround ourselves with objects which give us pleasure of contemplation.’ ~ Mia Karlova

For the highly anticipated BAD+ fair, Mia Karlova Galerie makes its debut in France with works by an international roster of artists and designers who share a poetic vision of 21st century collectible design. The carefully curated roster comprises Femke van Gemert, Olga Engel, Vadim Kibardin, Sho Ota, Valery Pchelin, Voznicki, Jan Ernst and Jesse Visser. Since its inception, the Amsterdam-based gallery has quickly established an international reputation for presenting functional sculpture which offers a new way of contemplating art.



Address: Prinsengracht 510 O, 1017KH Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Phone number: +31 6 21313036




Artists / Artworks

Vadim Kibardin

Dolly chair

Functional sculpture - Cardboard - Black paper

w65 x d65 x h77 cm

Limited edition



Femke van Gemert

Conflicting Forces

Textile wall art

w211 x d18 x h158 cm




Ceramic sculpture, oak wood, metal glazing

w58 x d45 x h76 cm




Valery Pchelin

Oriental beech, black oil

w32 x d54 x h46 cm




Sho Ota

Coat rack, tinted beech wood

w52 x d45 x h157 cm

Limited edition





Jan Ernst de Wet

Flux console mirror

White stoneware, unglazed

w55 x d20 x h55 cm

Limited edition