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Since the beginning of BAD+ Art and Design, the Artstorming teams have been offering you the opportunity to discover the fair from a different perspective, through guided and commented tours. A decryption of the fair and the works presented by contemporary art experts to live an embodied artistic experience.

A Two-Part Visit  

Meet at the reception of the contemporary art and design fair BAD+. Meet Jérôme and Marine, two specialists in contemporary art who participate in major French fairs. 

With your group, embark on an hour-long stroll through the aisles of BAD+. From booth to booth, discover the works, paintings, sculptures, and photos through the unique interpretation of art historians who will offer you a tour following the paths specially created by Marie Martens, the artistic director of the fair. 

A guided tour by a professional is above all an enriching human experience, based on exchange. The mediator will decipher the context of the creation of the work, the artist's history, and will answer all your questions. 

A tip: once the guided tour is over, extend the experience with a personal discovery time and meet the gallery owners. 

The 3 great reasons for a guided experience to explore the fair

  • Immerse yourself in a rich array of contemporary French and international art, capturing the essence of modern creativity. 
  • Discover the captivating works of artists previously off your radar. 
  • Develop your ability to interpret artwork and explore the messages it conveys. 

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From the gallerist to the visitor 

An art fair is above all a human adventure made up of encounters with gallerists. Women and men who are passionate, and through their expertise and sharp eye, offer a selection of artworks that unveil artistic emotion and provide a unique interpretation of contemporary art. 

Accompaniment by the Artstorming Team

Artstorming has been accompanying visitors through BAD+ Bordeaux Art and Design from the very beginning. With their expertise and professionalism, their teams create truly extraordinary artistic experiences for visitors. It's not just a typical guided tour—it's an immersive journey where passionate conversations unfold, exploring and interpreting artistic expressions.

These guided tours offer a unique opportunity for exchange and discovery, leaving a lasting impact on visitors. Artstorming is deeply involved in prominent art fairs, serving as the exclusive partner of Paris Photo since 2019, Paris + by Art Basel since 2022, participating in FIAC from 2013 to 2022, and being part of Art Basel in Basel.