Alisa Gallery

Alisa Gallery 

Founded by curator and art manager Alisa Bagdonaite, Alisa Contemporary Art Gallery opened it’s curator-run space in 2021 to sustain young and emerging artists during COVID. Since 2024 Alisa Gallery operates in Dubai.  

Committed to advancing a conceptual and ethical approach to art creation, the gallery proudly exhibits both analogue and digital art across various mediums. Despite its relatively brief history, the gallery has orchestrated impactful debut exhibitions featuring artists immersed in sculpture, photography, painting, graphics, and new media, and employing a spectrum of printing techniques.  

The gallery's artist roster interrogates a diverse array of research topics, ranging from social criticism to cyberfeminism. What binds these artists together is their dedication to a conceptual approach, unwavering professional ethics, and a shared ambition to push the boundaries of contemporary visual reality. 



Artists / Artworks

Diana Shliman 

"Snake and Bird" - 2024 



Kirill Makarov 

"Untitled" - 2024