Bordeaux Art Contemporain

Bordeaux Art Contemporain

Bordeaux Art Contemporain (B.A.C.) brings together more than forty structures involved in the production and dissemination of contemporary art in the Bordeaux metropolitan area: museums and public institutions, private organisations, art galleries, associative projects, artist run spaces, documentation centres, etc.

B.A.C. is conceived as a platform for exchange, cooperation, pooling and mutual aid between its members, in order to ensure the promotion of contemporary art and Bordeaux's
to the general public, the press, professionals, collectors and other networks in France and abroad. B.A.C. helps to raise the profile of the region's art scene, showcases the vitality and richness of the local scene, and raises awareness of contemporary art among local and visiting audiences, by organising events such as the WAC and providing a common communication tool (website, newsletter, social networks, etc.).


  • Promote contemporary art in the Bordeaux metropolitan area
  • To disseminate the programming of B.A.C. members and showcase the richness and vitality of the local art scene
  • Raise public awareness and encourage access to contemporary art
  • Encourage networking and collaboration between B.A.C. members.

The B.A.C. Board of Directors:

  • Jean De Giacinto (Les Glacières)
  • Christian Pallatier (Connaissance de l'art contemporain / BAG bakery art gallery)
  • Nadia Russell Kissoon (L'Agence Créative)
  • Lina Singer (L'Artichaut Bordeaux)

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