By Lara Sedbon

By Lara Sedbon 

Founded in 2019, By Lara Sedbon promotes contemporary artists distinguished by their technique, their profound relationship with their practice, and their questioning of the creative process.

The link between the contemporary dimension of their art and a certain form of classicism lies at the heart of the gallery's programming.After fifteen years in the art market, immersed within galleries (as deputy director at Art Pleural Gallery, Singapore, and later as director at Galerie Templon, Paris), Lara Sedbon is reshaping the artist-gallery relationship, fostering personalised and dedicated support to each individual’s career.

A Graduate of ESSEC, EHESS and holding a degree in Philosophy from The Sorbonne, Lara Sedbon has always been committed to a multidisciplinary approach, placing meaning at the heart of the artistic process. 



Artists / Artworks

Lélia Demoisy 

"Le Retable" - 2023





Stephen Whittaker 

"The impending dream" - 2023 




Fabien Mérelle 

"Fragment #31" - 2023 




Zélie Nguyen 

"Le gardien du monde tranquille" - 2024