Galerie de l'Est - Darya Brient

Galerie de l'Est - Darya Brient

Founded in 2017 in Compiègne, France, by Darya Brient, Galerie de l'Est offers a platform for discovering emerging artists predominantly representing contemporary art from Eastern Europe. Driven by the belief that culture enhances our understanding of the world, this space is also conceived as a hub for dialogue and exchange. With vibrant programming, the gallery hosts around 6 exhibitions annually, alongside off-site events. For the 2024 edition of BAD+, Galerie de l'Est - Darya Brient presents the works of: Evgeniya Buravleva, Taisia Korotkova, Alexei Lantsev, Gregory Orekhov, Egor Plotnikov, VAM / Jean-Pierre Gilson. 



Artists / Artworks

Gregory Orekhov

"Little Agatha" - 2017



Taisia Korotkova

 "Rail sea, série Dark Forest" - 2022 




Evgeniya Buravleva 

"Yantarnoe, 23/02/2021, 18h55" - 2022 




VAM / Jean-Pierre Gilson 

"La lune n’a rien à craindre des loups # 1" - 2023