L'ANGLE, a contemporary photography gallery, was founded in 2018 in the Basque Country, in Hendaye (64), near Biarritz and San Sebastian (Spain), by Didier Mandart, a designer and passionate photography collector. 

L'ANGLE showcases works by both recognised and emerging photographers, actively representing some of them on a permanent basis. 

In addition to the exhibitions and events held within its space - totalling more than forty to date - L'ANGLE participates in fairs, presents off-site exhibitions, and offers a wide range of meetings and training programs for both amateurs and professionals in the field of photography. 

The artistic programming of L'ANGLE is focused on exploring the visible and invisible essence of our relationship with the wider world, with a particular emphasis on ecosophy, which highlights the urgency of repositioning humans within the whole. 



Artists / Artworks

Benjamin Juhel 

"Adorazione" - 2023 




Patrick Bogner 

"Hivernies" - 2023




David Tatin 

"Cosmos_B" - 2023