The L’HÉRITIER gallery was initially founded in 2023 with the aim of showcasing artist friends in Paris. Since then, this supportive work within a local scene of contemporary French and European artists, whose figurative practice is underpinned by a conceptual approach, has been continued on an international scale. From Paris to London to Brussels, the gallery's ambitions are to export the work of its artists to as wide an audience as possible. These ephemeral exhibitions provide an opportunity to showcase their creations - those of young visual artists alongside those of more established artists: this dialogue, in the form of succession and transmission, is precisely what the gallery's name itself conveys - L’HÉRITIER - both a family surname and a common noun.



Artistes / Œuvres


Lukas Meir

"Sans titre (le plongeur)" - 2023






Denis Félix

"Gaïa" - 2022





Thomas Julliot-Decker

"Flou (d'après Patrick Tosani)" - 2024









Lukas Meir

"Sans titre (le bronzeur)" - 2023