Neuilly Art Gallery et Shun Gallery

Neuilly Art Gallery et Shun Gallery

From a young age, Shun was initiated into the art of uncovering hidden treasures, first under the tutelage of his antique dealer grandfather, then assisting his father, the founder of a gallery specializing in art objects and period furniture from the 18th to the 20th century. 

Shun unveiled his initial acquisitions in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 2020 during the lockdown period, when galleries were permitted to operate under specific conditions. This marked the inception of Neuilly Art Gallery, catering primarily to discerning collectors by appointment. 

In 2023, to better serve a discreet Parisian clientele, the showroom relocated to Avenue de Friedland in Paris, where Shun showcased his latest discoveries. Subsequently, the young dealer made the decision to establish a new gallery in Var. SHUN GALLERY opened its doors in Bandol in 2024, facing the Ile de Bendor, known as the 'garden of Mediterranean arts', where art enthusiast and occasional painter Paul Ricard hosted numerous artists. Seeking an unpretentious yet quality-assured setting, Shun settled on the quai Charles de Gaulle in the charming coastal town of Bandol. This picturesque locale, blending nautical charm, natural beauty, and cultural vibrancy, provided an accessible platform for Shun to introduce both local and renowned artists of modern and contemporary art. 

Known for his discerning eye, Shun selectively curates exhibitions featuring works by esteemed artists such as César Baldaccini, Michel Bassompierre, Bernard Buffet, Hans Hartung, André Marfaing, Georges Mathieu, Jean Miotte, Gérard Schneider, Claude Venard, and Bernar Venet. 



Artists / Artworks

Bernard Buffet

"Nature morte au guéridon" - 1996 




Georges Mathieu

"Tempête inconnue" - 1986 





Hans Hartung 

"T1973-H22" - 1973 




Bernar Venet

"DEUX ARCS, 223.5" - 1984