Sabrina Lucas

Sabrina Lucas 

I'm Sabrina Lucas, leading my art gallery for two years now, a raw and welcoming space where canvases mingle with sculptures and art furniture. What drives me is the work of materials, abstraction, and the authenticity of the gesture captured in each artwork. The dynamics behind a creation fascinate me, that frozen movement in time revealing raw emotions. Beyond the walls of my gallery, I embark on a dual adventure: integrating art into the heart of businesses.

It's a significant challenge, but one I’m proud to take on. Nothing excites me more than seeing art integrated into everyday life. With determination and passion, I invite artists to shape bespoke artworks, designed to awaken the senses and nourish the soul of the places they inhabit. Every day is a new opportunity to create, innovate, and share. It's in this world of art that I carve my path, guided by my vision, fueled by my love for creation, and driven by the desire to make hearts resonate through each artwork that comes to life. 



Artists / Artworks

Marjoo et Yann Masseyeff 

"Ouverture" - 2023



Simon Cabrol 

"Buffet" - 2023 





Yann l'Outsider 

"Après le Choc #2" - 2023




Malvin Gaborit 

"Porte-revue" - 2022