Art in the city

An audacious and eclectic program thought in adequacy with the traditions of an exceptional soil.

The Art in the City program, in association with all the cultural institutions of the City of Bordeaux, and partner art centers, is a fundamental element of the programming and positioning of BAD+.

Discover the entire program through renowned exhibition venues and institutions, through the streets, quays and parks of the city of Bordeaux.  

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Les arts au mur artothèque

Spectres, de Nina Laisné

On the occasion of her solo exhibition "Spectres," Les Arts au Mur Artothèque is delighted to host Nina Laisné. The artist presents a collection of works combining video, installation, drawing, engraving, along with a piece specifically crafted for the exhibition, "Vou esperar a lua voltar," exploring themes of falsification and imposture in her own distinctive manner. Nina Laisné's multifaceted work spans photography, video staging, and musical practice, offering unsettling creations infused with a sense of peculiarity. She delves into the lives of marginal identities lingering in the shadows of official history, as well as into oral traditions when confronted with displacement and intersection. 

  • Spectre – Mirage d’une figure historique qui réécrit son histoire 
  • Spectre – Ambivalence des archives manipulées 
  • Spectre – Présence qui nous guette tapie dans l’ombre  
  • Spectre – Renaissance au fond d’un abîme 
  • Spectre – Attente du retour de la lune 
  • Spectre – Mémoire persistante de notre Histoire collective



Les Arts au Mur Artothèque : Sharing Contemporary Art ! 

As a vibrant force in disseminating contemporary art for the past 20 years in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Les Arts au Mur Artothèque supports visual creation and its artists. The artistic co-direction is led by Anne Peltriaux and Corinne Veyssière, co-founders of the institution. 

Recognized for their discerning eye and attention to curatorial and forward-looking dimensions, they maintain constant dialogue with artists, galleries, and institutions. Since 2002, they have assembled a collection of over 1120 artworks and have hosted around a hundred exhibitions in their space, featuring both emerging artists and renowned figures in contemporary art. 

The artworks from this collection are available for loan to all: individuals, schools, universities, businesses, communities, social spaces, hospitals, prisons, and more. The initiatives undertaken by the artothèque around its collection promote exchanges among diverse audiences and contemporary visual creation, including off-site exhibitions, residencies, cultural programs, and educational activities. 


Les Arts au Mur Artothèque is supported by :  

City of Pessac, Bordeaux Métropole, Gironde Department Council, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine Member of ADRA, ASTRE network, and Bordeaux Art Contemporain 


Practical information 

Exhibition from May 23, 2024, to August 31, 2024  

  • In partnership with Frac Franche-Comté  
  • With the support of SG SUD OUEST

Adress: 2bis, avenue Eugène et Marc Dulout - 33600  Pessac - 05 56 46 38 41 
Openning: Free entry from Tuesday to Saturday / 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM 
Website: More information: 


BAM Projects

Amandine Pierné-Petermann - solo exhibition

Amandine Pierné, lives and works in Angoulême. 
During her journeys, she captures and recalls intriguing moments, perceiving their peculiar poetry: strict geometries, the interplay of the artificial and natural elements. Amandine Pierrné’s works embody a sensitive and delicate fusion of these crossroads, blending situations and sensations connected to a place, a landscape. 

She creates her pieces through simple yet profound combination of natural and human materials, different shapes, colours, images or gestures, each element is meticulously selected based on combined ideas and poetic figures.  Amandine Pierné’s works transcend the boundary between memory and fiction, creating a plastic vagabondage where abstraction and detournement converge to provoke contemplation and wonder. 


Practical information 

Exhibition from 30th May to 13th July , 2024 

Opening: Thursday, May 30, 2pm - 9pm 
Address: 47 rue Lombard, Bordeaux  
Transport: Tram B, stop at cours du Médoc  


CAPC (musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux)

Auto, a retrospective by Nina Beier

From March to September 2024, Danish artist Nina Beier is invited to take over the Nave of the CAPC for a mid-career retrospective, retracing nearly two decades of her artistic journey. Titled “Auto,” this exhibition will also be displayed simultaneously at CAPC and Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland. Making Auto the artist’s first solo show in a French institution. 

Using marble lions, remote luxury cars, elephant slides and fake Chinese porcelain, Beier’s work collected from object found on online platforms, operates through juxtapositions and appropriations to reveal the mutations and paradoxes of our cultural archetypes. For over 15 years, the artist has been exploring the underlying narratives contained in the everyday consumer objects we produce, acquire, use, and then discard. 

Practical information

Address: 7 rue Ferrère, Bordeaux 
Transport: Tram B, stop at CAPC 



Château Chasse-Spleen

« Dan Flavin, il y a encore de la lumière à Chasse-Spleen »

Informations pratiques

Exhibition dates: May 2 to October 15, Wednesday to Sunday, 12 am to 5 pm. Catering on site. Free admission 
Adresse : Château Chasse-Spleen in Moulis En Médoc


Château Fleur de Lisse

Château Fleur de Lisse

Discovery of Barthélémy Toguo's In Situ works, in partnership with the HDM Gallery. Continuing its artistic program, Château Fleur de Lisse, in partnership with Constance Rubini, director of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Bordeaux, is proud to present unpublished works by the artist Barthélémy Toguo.

Addressing themes of migration, colonialism, race, exile, and displacement, Barthélémy Toguo's art first shows that "man or woman are always potential exiles, driven by the desire to travel, which makes them displaced beings." 

Château Fleur De Lisse - ©François Blazquez

Practical information 

Adress : Lieu dit Gaillard, 33330 Saint-Hippolyte 
Website :


Château Smith Haut Lafitte

Land'Art tours or monumental sculptures

Two guided tours to choose from on Saturday, June 1st at 10 Am :  

  • Land Art Journey amidst vineyards and forests covering  10 hectares , featuring 30 playful , interactive , and informative stops to awaken your five senses. 
  • Tour of the monumental sculpture path at the heart of the vineyards and cellars of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, showcasing three new particularly spectacular works in addition to the existing 33.  

Practical information

Saturday June 1st at 10AM 

Address: Château Smith Haut Lafitte, 33650 Martillac 


Espace Silicone

Graphein Topos, of Boram Choi

For this edition of BAD+, Silicone and Agence Sens Commun, are combining their expertise and skills to present an artistic project in the form of guidance and an exhibition collaborating for the first time. 

Boram Choi, a young painter, who graduated from EBAX in 2023, is invited to contemplate the presentation of her work and the scenography of an exhibition space, in collaboration with established artist Gregory Cuquel. The two artists have been invited to collaborate as their artistic practices resonate with each other, exploring similar mediums while having embodying different aesthetics.  


Practical information

Exhibition from Thursday 30 May to Saturday 15 June 2024. 

Opening: On Thursday 30 May, joint event with BAM projects 
Address: Pôle image de la Ville de Bordeaux, 79 rue Bourbon, Bordeaux 
Transport: Tram B, stop at Les Hangars or bus 4, stop at Lewis Brown. 


Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MECA

Arpenter, photographier la Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Ellipse, exposition hommage à Jane Harris

Surveying and photographing Nouvelle Aquitaine 

How is the New Aquitaine landscape defined today, in its human and natural dimensions, from the point of view of its new administrative cartography as well as its evolutions linked to the boom in tourism, lifestyles and new economic models? 

The exhibition "Arpenter, photographier la Nouvelle-Aquitaine" presents a collection of works resulting from a photographic mission initiated by Frac MÉCA in 2022. Supported and encouraged by the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, this commission entrusted the nine invited artists (international, national and regional) with the task of renewing a certain way of looking at the territory, that of a vast, plural region in perpetual motion. Whether migratory, tourist, demographic or economic, these flows are characteristic of an obvious movement detectable on a national scale, with all the disparities and inequalities it entails, and from which the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is no exception. 

  • Artists : André Cepeda, Jean-Luc Chapin, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Maitetxu Etcheverria, Hicham Gardaf, Noémie Goudal, Tatiana Lecomte, Valérie Mréjen, Bruno Serralongue 
  • Exhibition curators: Gilles Mora, Claire Jacquet, Émeline Vincent 

This project was funded by the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine. 

Exhibition until October 6 


Ellipse - Tribute to Jane Harris 

Frac MÉCA presents an exhibition of paintings and watercolors by British artist Jane Harris (1956-2022). Curated by Freeny Yianni, "Ellipse" is an intimate reading of works produced between 2005 and 2020. 

Jane Harris has always expressed a marked sensitivity to nature and a taste for observing it. Inspired by natural phenomena such as the movement of wind on water, the lighting effects of twilight or a cloud illuminated by the sun, Jane Harris's works are composed of forms that, while flat, give an immediate impression of depth.  Like Josef Albers, of whom she was a great admirer, Jane Harris developed her practice according to a set of rules that gradually defined her plastic language. Her research is centered on the ellipse, a geometric form characterized by its flexibility, allowing it to take on multiple facets. From this formula, based on the declension of simple forms, she creates rich compositions that remind us that the essence of all painting lies in the effect of light on the surface of the canvas, which carries the substance of matter "formed and transformed". 

The exhibition will also include display cases featuring a selection of the artist's drawings. 

This exhibition, dedicated to the work of Jane Harris (who died in 2022), continues the Frac's commitment to highlighting the work of artists in its collection. 

  • Curated by: Freeny Yianni 
  • With works from the collections of Frac MÉCA, Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine and galerie Close Ltd. 
  • Broadcast of two videos: Surface to Edge produced by Pollen; interview with Jane Harris produced by Documents d'Artistes Nouvelle-Aquitaine. 

Exhibition until June 30 

Practical information

Address: 5 parvis Corto Maltese, Bordeaux. 
Transport: Tram C or D: stop at Sainte-Croix or stop at gare Saint-Jean (stops 10 min walk from MÉCA). 



Fragments, by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris

Both a precursor and a witness to the transformation that Bordeaux has undergone over the last ten years Seeko’o is much more than a hotel; it’s one of the emblematic buildings of the city. Since 2007, it has been breaking the norms and standing out from Bordeaux’s 18th century architecture with its iconic design, including its white corian facade, making it iconic in the city. 

 In 2019, convinced of the need to integrate a neighbourhood life and implement an eco-responsible policy, the Seeko’o Culture brand was created. Its objective it to position this iconic place as an architectural landmark but also as a welcoming space for local artists and the Bordeaux public, promoting its local roots.  

Seeko’o hosts the exhibition “Fragments” by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris. For the first time, Nicolas expresses himself in black and white, focusing on fragmented memory, evoking a puzzle that can only remain incomplete. Meanwhile, Romain draws inspiration from the oldest known Greek sculpture of Aphrodite while questioning the ability of artificial intelligence to create true beauty. 


Practical information

Address: 54, quai de Bacalan, 33000 Bordeaux  
Transport: Tram B stop at Les Hangars 


L’Agence créative – Tinbox

«La République des Océans et des Mers» by artist Marianne Peltzer and Marina Chastenet

Tinbox is an “artwork” gallery created by Nadia Russell Kissoon. Since 2007, she has designed five tinboxes that materialize in the form of exhibition boxes of various sizes with a display case. These mobile micro-architectures blur the lines between artwork and design object, aiming to bring contemporary art into public spaces, whether streets or dedicated or non-dedicated art spaces. This creates a dynamic interplay.  

In this BAD+ upcoming edition, the Tinbox will showcase the exhibition "La République des Océans et des Mers" by the artists Marianne Peltzer and Marina Chastenet. 


Practical information 

Address: In front of Hangar 14, Bordeaux 



Exhibition by artist Julien Gachadoat

L'Artichaut is a laboratory within its own walls (a converted storage shed in Bordeaux's Bacalan district) and on Place Pierre Cétois: a third place for exchange and sharing, with workshops, an art gallery and a coworking space. 

Outside its walls, L'Artichaut accompanies or pilots, within the framework of institutional or private commissions, transitional land-use projects, instilling the values and methods of tactical urbanism. " 


Practical information 

Exhibition from May, 27 to June, 21
Opening preview: Wednesday, May 29, 6 pm to 9:30 pm 

Opening hours:

  • May 27 to June 21, 2024 Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm 
  • Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Participatory demonstrations led by the artist on Saturday, June 1 at 11am and 3pm (registration required, places limited).

Address: 6 Place Pierre Cétois, Bordeaux.  
Transport: Tram B, stop at Achard. Bus 4 and 9, stop at Bassins à flots.  


La Vitrine des essais

"Chambre d'ondes" by artist Anne-Sarah Le Meur

Displaying in the streets of Saint Catherine, the digital visual artist Anne Sarah Le Meur, alongside students from Montaigne High School studying art history has installed abstract lenticular prints designed to evoke vibrant, shifting illusions. With their interplay of darkness and radiance, smoothness and texture, primal essence and cosmic allure, these images provoke visual ripples and fluctuations in the observer’s eye. 

From the legacy of vision sciences revered by impressionists and pioneers of abstraction and kinetic art, the artist delves into the visual possibilities of computer-generated imagery and the lenticular technique, evoking a profound perceptual response and igniting a dynamic exploration of perspective in the viewer.  


Practical information

Exhibition from May 29, 2024 to March 29, 2025 in collaboration with studio Vincent Carlier. 
Meeting with the artist on Friday May 31 from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Address: 226 rue Sainte-Catherine, Bordeaux 
Transport: Tram A stop at Sainte Catherine. 


MUSBA (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux)

Les visions silencieuses, by Valérie Belin

Valérie Belin (b. 1964) is considered one of the most important French photographic artists of her generation (winner of the prestigious Prix Pictet in 2015). She has also been a major artist on the French and international art scene since her debut in 1993. Graduate of ENSBA Bourges and the Sorbonne (philosophy of art), she initially focused on American minimal and conceptual art before quickly turning medium photographic, which became the true subject of her work. 

Playing with the codes of image and representation, through photographic series saturated with visual signs in her most recent works, she accompanies the technological changes in photography, from analog to digital, while also drawing from the traditions of interwar interwar avant-gardes. 

Her transition to colour, starting in 2004, brings more pictorial dimension and a fully embraced “kitsch” aspect to her photographs. Valérie Belin blurs the lines between real and virtual, nature and artifice, inanimate objects and living beings. 


Practical information

Exhibition from April 24 to October 28 
Address: 20 cours d'Albret, Bordeaux.  
Transport: Tram A, stop at Palais de Justice or Hôtel de ville.