BAD+ International Art Fair


Explore, Share, Discuss, Meet, See

In a period of intense changes on a worldwide scale, artists in their studios and the galleries supporting them remain the most powerful drivers of creativity.

This powerful, raw creativity is endlessly pushing the boundaries of our perceptions, in search of new forms of expression, new mindsets and new ways of seeing. Art reveals new things to us, leads us to the outer edges of our presumed knowledge and provides us with a glimpse of the unexpected.

This is not a show like any other, it is a FAIR, a genuine meeting point for exchange and discussion, devoted to discovery, new movements, conversations, experience, the exchange of ideas, observations and dialogue; a venue for professionals, institutions, collectors, art lovers and novices; a place that advocates the sort of quality that arouses excitement and wonder, and the curiosity to learn more and broaden our knowledge.

Gallery owners who have devoted their lives to nurturing artists and designers (much like small farmers) will be sharing the fruit of their passion and their discoveries with audiences who have the time and the perspective necessary to explore fundamental questions through the prism of art.

In a world which no longer erects cathedrals, countries the world over build museums, and cultural tourism is becoming the most significant driver of economic growth internationally.


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