BAD+, a borderless and transdisciplinary art and design fair

For this new edition, BAD+ offers a demanding program where exchanges between artists and galleries of different generations or origins are paramount.

"Our goal: to offer a global quality show in Bordeaux"

As the inauguration of the second edition of BAD+ approaches, the artistic advisor of the show Adrien de Rochebouët is confident. "We are delighted to offer such a quality of proposals outside the capital," he says. And the founder of the event, Jean-Daniel Compain added: "Bordeaux has the same assets as Paris and we found the right positioning!" This one mixes art, contemporary creation, design and art of living. A positioning that "sets us apart" in the landscape of contemporary art fairs, continues Jean-Daniel Compain. And for good reason: BAD+ is transdisciplinary, blurring the boundaries between art and life.


An Iberian step aside

Another special feature of this edition of the fair is an unprecedented focus on the Spanish art scene. With the help of collector and founding president of Arte Global & Red Collectors Elisa Hernando, the curatorial teams invited a significant number of Iberian galleries such as Joan Gaspar, Pigment Gallery, Rafael Pérez Hernando or Álvaro Alcázar.
We realized that Spanish galleries were not well represented in French fairs," says Adrien de Rochebouët. It seemed obvious to us to give them more visibility, especially since Spain is geographically close to Bordeaux.

Thus, 20th century artists such as Joan Miró or Pablo Picasso will be in dialogue with younger artists, from Antoni Tàpies to Rosa Galindo and Jose Cháfer. This intergenerational dialogue is, globally, present throughout the fair, and some French galleries (such as Loeve&Co, which exhibits Arman, Dora Maar and Marcel Duchamp) show key artists of the 20th century.


Transdisciplinary emergence

BAD+ is a clever mix of established galleries and more emerging players," says Adrien de Rochebouët, "and this, in the plastic creation as in the contemporary design. Interdisciplinary, BAD+ is definitely a fair that mixes genres. Historical and contemporary design coexist with the works of artists of all generations. "BAD+ has a real spirit of discovery," says Adrien de Rochebouët, while Jean-Daniel Compain exclaims: "Bordeaux is a splendid city, the fair takes place in the magnificent Hangar 14 and the people of Bordeaux deserve a demanding program! See you on May 5!