Regard vers les USA

This year, Bordeaux celebrates the 60th anniversary of its twinning with Los Angeles. A landmark event also celebrated during BAD+ Bordeaux Art and Design, with a dedicated exhibition.

Montezuma's Revenge 
Jim Shaw was born in Midland, USA, in 1952.  

Close to the Californian neo-conceptual art scene of the 1980s, Jim Shaw shares with Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley the same desire to explore the darker side of American society, initiating himself in the late 1970s to various media (painting, drawing, sculpture, video, installation, performance...). Inspired by episodes from his own life and iconic symbols from American culture, the history of modern art and political and media figures, Jim Shaw's painting oscillates between modernist abstraction and cinematic hyperrealism, western imagery and 1950s advertising. 

In 2003, Jim Shaw and his wife Marnie discovered a stockpile of old, worn canvases from former theatrical sets, featuring the typically American iconography of an abandoned Wild West town. The center of the canvas is pierced by a hole from which emerge dozens of golden motifs that colonize a giant amoeba against a pink background, from which emerge twenty arcs of a circle drawing a giant sphincter. Each arc consists of thirteen images featuring Mayan glyphs, hallucinogenic plants, millenarian gurus, charlatans, sworn enemies of the United States and various end-of-the-world scenarios. Montezuma's revenge was born of a memory of a trip to Mexico during which Jim Shaw suffered "Montezuma's revenge", a colloquial term for travelers' bouts of diarrhea in Mexico. Reading numerous press articles about an apocalyptic vision of the world in 2012 according to the Mayan calendar, and about various indigenous drugs, fed Jim Shaw's imagination as he waited at the airport before being hit by Montezuma's revenge. 

In 2010, the Left Behind exhibition in the nave of the Capc brought together 15 monumental works that echoed a series of ultraconservative Christian millenarian fiction novels. Left Behind also referred to American workers, the "left-behind" of globalization, many of whom found solace in evangelicalism.  

This major work from the Capc collection was acquired by the Friends of Capc. 


Exhibited works

Montezuma’s Revenge, 2007 

Acrylique sur toile enduite, 520 x 1140 cm, Inv : 2012-06 
Collection CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux. 
Don des Amis du CAPC


24 hour sunset

24 hour sunset, an immersive installation of the film imagined in collaboration with artist Douglas Gordon. 24 minutes of never-before-seen images from the film edited for the occasion and set to music by Charles Derenne. Author of its title, Douglas Gordon has created an original work: 24 hour sunset, a neon sign reminiscent of those that keep the city awake at night. This work shows us the passage of time, or more precisely, the distortion and compression of time. In the great game of consciousness and reality, Gordon is interested in how perception is constructed and how it collapses. All the more so when this very fragile perception allows something new and different to appear. A play of light and perception that reflects the film's ambition on canvas.

Talk presents 24 hour sunset, a portrait of Los Angeles, directed by Charles Derenne and Edouard de Luze, KENNETHANGER - LOUISEBONNET - RAYMONDPETTIBON - ARIANAPAPADEMETROPOULOS 

A Canal+ film produced by Paul Samazeuilh and Edouard de Luze, co-produced by Charles Derenne. Associate producer: Douglas Gordon.