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Reserve your spot for the gala dinner on May 29th at 8pm at Hangar 14!

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Our Aims and Objectives

BAD+ represents the opportunity to reflect on the key issues that lend art and design their bite and charm, because they often raise difficult matters and questions, from climate change to social and political issues or the pursuit of aesthetic concerns such as beauty and truth.

Out of conviction, BAD+ defends these various points of view all at the same time. BAD+ seeks to shine a light in the darkness without neglecting the wealth, admittedly austere at times, of the paths to collective experience. Its profound intensity is the result of its sincerity, its spontaneity and bold approach, regardless of the medium.

  • BAD+, a new mindset in art and design: A series of presentations by galleries where this freshness and originality are perceptible in the works of masters or living artists, and solo or group exhibitions which reflect this spirit of capturing the moment.
  • Drawing, initial urges / early temptations: Galleries and artists may present drawing in all its many facets: on walls, paper, the ground, tables, in pencil, through computers or projection.
  • Objects & Space: How are functional objects and the scenography of space linked to life with art and design? The galleries present drawings, objects, models and architectural projects which reveal how space interacts endlessly with art.
  • Photography and moving images: A selection of galleries working with photography, film and video.


Provide the widest audience possible with the opportunity to discover modern & contemporary art in all its forms.


Bring all (public or private) players together around a common project to promote the event on a metropolitan, national and European scale (as an initial step). 


Strengthen the ties between the worlds of art and business in a high-quality and original setting.


Of the city and metropolitan area by promoting its culture, history and local heritage, while planting art in the city in the interest of the whole region.


  • French, European and international galleries
  • 10,000 visitors expected 
  • Regional, French, European and international collectors and institutions
  • And all art, design and lifestyle enthusiasts from France, Europe and elsewhere


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