Galeria Modernista

1st floor // Stand 71

Galeria Modernista

Galeria Modernista was founded in 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. Our selection of furniture collection is composed of works of the most important names of Brazilian design from the second half of the twentieth century such as Lina Bo Bardi, Zanine Caldas, Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin... Concerned in the first place by the historical and cultural value of value of Brazilian modernism, we wish to be actors of the preservation of this heritage by focusing our activity on three central themes that respond to and reinforce each other research, authentication and restoration.

On the occasion of BAD+ 2023, Galeria Modernista will offer pieces of furniture by Joaquim Tenreiro and Sergio Rodrigues, the leading figures of Carioca modernism. A selection of artists recognized on the South American continent but still little known in Europe will also be presented: Lithographs by Fayga Ostrower, Ruth Aklander Palatnik and Milton da Costa and a major work of the Amazonian ceramist Raimundo Cardoso.


Adress : 32 rue Chantecrit, 33300 Bordeaux 

Phone Number : +33 (0)6 49 44 93 00

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Artists / Artworks

Fayga Ostrower 

Série de lithographies, 1968

30 x 52cm



Sergio Rodrigues

Paire de fauteuils Oscar, 1956

OCA - 81 x 70 x 61 cm 





Ruth Aklander Palatnik

Sal, 1984

Lithography - 70 x 70 cm 





Mestre Raimundo Cardoso


Traditional Amazonian ceramics - 28 x 38 cm