Gala Dinner

Reserve your spot for the gala dinner on May 29th at 8pm at Hangar 14!

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BAD+ X Los Angeles

On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the twinning between Bordeaux and Los Angeles, the Bordeaux Art and Design fair pays tribute to the artistic scene from across the Atlantic

In 1964, the cities of Bordeaux and Los Angeles became twins.

The modernity and cheerfulness of the American model fascinates France. History, heritage and the art of living still exert the same attraction on the United States. Initiated in the form of educational exchanges, the twinning relationship was to expand over the years into the fields of research and culture. What the two cities have in common is that they are also bathed in the light of the West and the vivacity of the ocean air, in the heart of a wine-growing region that has shaped its geography. 

Not only will we be welcoming galleries from the Angels, but also visual artists to our partner châteaux. Institutions from Bordeaux, including the CAPC and FRAC MECA, will unveil part of their fine collection of American artists at the show. Through its international exhibitors, Bordeaux Art and Design will showcase a part of this country's art history, forging links... nurturing ideas... immersing us in an infinite cinematography...