Christian berst art brut

1st floor // Stand 52

christian berst art brut

The christian berst art brut gallery is internationally recognized as a reference in its field. its field. Since 2005, although it also exhibits classics that are already established, it is especially recognized for its contemporary discoveries of which it actively participates in the institutionalization (MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Centre Pompidou...).

In order to bring an ever-widening public into the arcane the arcane world of art brut - a field that knows no formal, geographical or historical limits - the gallery or historical limits - the gallery regularly participates in international fairs (FIAC and Paris + by Art Basel, Paris Photo, artgenève...) and is distinguished by the publication of more than 80 bilingual catalogs. In 2020, the gallery opened a second space - The Bridge - where curators are invited to express their own vision of the fertile dialogue between art brut and other categories of art. In 2022, Christian Berst co-directed, with Raphaël Koenig, the Cerisy colloquium dedicated to Art Brut.



Adress: 3-5 Pass. des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris




Artists / Artworks

Masaki mori

Gig / yoshihide otomo, 2016

Watercolor on paper - 38 x 54 cm



Momoko nakagawa

Momoko, 2017

Colored pencil on paper - 54,4 x 76,9 cm




Hideaki yoshikawa

Groupe de eye eye nose mouth, 2017-2018

Fired clay, variable sizes - about 36 x 7 x 8 cm each



Kunizo matsumoto

Groupe d'œuvres sans titre, c. 2012

Ink and collage, variable sizes - about 37 x 16 x 0.2 cm each